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OABuilder News
3.5 online
The newest version of OABuilder is available online using Java WebStart.
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Online Training
Via Object Architects, Inc. is a software development company in Atlanta, Georgia USA that specializes in end-to-end Java Technologies and Solutions.

Our Reactive Model Driven Architecture (RMDA) tools and library automate most of the software development process.

We have experience in building commercial and enterprise applications that are used throughout the world today.

OA 3.5 News
oa.jar available
The 3.5 version for the OA packages has been released with improvements in functionality and performance.
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 Introduction Guide 

Unique strengths of OA
Reactive Models - based on OAObject and Hub collection, this adds functionality for models to be observable, distributed, database access, binding to UI components, filtering, merging, grouping, and more.

Code generation - turning models into applications, distributed, full client and server UI applications, web applications with ajax components, and more.

Constructing reusable components - using MVC, and using the reactive model functionality in OA, it's easy to bind any component to work with the application model.