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About ViaOA

ViaOA was started by Vince Via in 1999 and builds software development tools and full stack applications. Large, sophisticated applications can be created in less time then most prototypes are created. By using a model driven approach, combined with custom code generation, a full application is able to be created using various technologies and frameworks. This includes the database structures (DDL), model/view/control, server, webserver/rest/webservices/etc, messaging, distributed, secure systems.

D esign & Model

Use OABuilder to design a model that defines your data structures, relations, datasources, access/security, formulas, triggers, filters, (remote) methods, UI, etc.

G enerating your Application

OABuilder uses a combination of templates and custom code generation to produce a fully working system from your Model.

W e can help

We can help you create a working system in less time then most designs and prototypes are done.

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Some History

In 1999, OA was started as tool to automate DB access with Java, creating an ORM (object relational mapping) tool. I then created the OABuilder visual designer to create DB/Object models, and generate DDL and Java classes. ... more »

This soon expanded to creating data/object bound UI components, and grew into OAObject and Hub Collection classes that could form master/detail and other object/collection relationships, along with object queries and real time filtering.

The next stage was to have the shared objects to be automatically updated across many servers. This ended up creating the OASync - serialization, communication and remoting packages.

The code generation continued to progress and added template based generation. The amount of patterns that were exposed over time & projects using OA ended up being a nicely organized way for building any application. The last code gen challenge was the UI generator, which now allows us to have a UI from a model.

Moving forward, OABuilder will continue to include code gen for other frameworks and platforms.

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